What's the best country to live in as an exchanged student?

I'm 14 and I'm an American girl. In less than a year and a half, I'm going to be an exchange student. I've already put in a lot of thought as to where I am going. I've thought about Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, and (possibly France and Switzerland). The only issue with France and Switzerland is that you need 2 years of French language study prior to the trip. My school doesn't offer French. However, it's possible I could do the Rosetta Stone. But only if it's absolutely worth it.

I play guitar and I want to go to a country with kind people, a special culture, and I want to like the language. I also would like to go to a place where the people are open minded and friendly. I've heard that men in the south of Italy and Spain are a bit "backwards" and many of them harass women. My mom lived in those areas years ago and told me about it. I don't want to end up in a situation like that =/ Any ideas? suggestions? Thank you :)

Answer on What's the best country to live in as an exchanged student?

I recommend that you consider some less traditional study abroad programs. I am from the US, but have lived in two third world countries (speak three languages) and traveled extensively.

If you are ready for an adventure..........consider one of the developing nations (Russia, China, India, and Brazil). All of those have amazing job opportunities in the future from American corporations. Brazilians consider themselves "Americans" and love other US citizens. Russia is expensive, but has the best employment in the future. China-everyone is going!

Cost: Costa Rica , China, and Thialand have degrees at crazy prices. There are some universities in China that you can do an entire 4 year degree for $8,000 US! Costa Rica has many one year abroad options for about $4,000 US.

If you have decided that it must be in Europe I can help you there as well. Czech Republic is very cheap and Prague is a great city. Switzerland is beautiful, but twice the price as other nations and not real receptive to foreigners. Places that like Foreigners (a little): Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Portugal. France is still very beautiful, especially Monaco, but is over crowded. In the last ten years it's surprising how much of France demographics have changed to primarily middle eastern. Do a little research. It's not as safe as it once was.

I would do a little study on languages. Wikipedia says that Spanish, Chinese, and English are the only language that are INCREASING in world speakers. Awhile ago I wanted to decide between French and German. My conclusions : French was no longer a major language in the world (outside of western Europe and some parts of Africa)--but it was a pretty language. German is growing in imporance globally-but not as pretty.

You decide!

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