Vacation to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city that is always interesting to talk about. Many people are saying that once we will always want to visit again. Well, for those of you who have never set foot in this city, see 7 reasons why Yogya be appropriate destinations visited during the holidays.

1. Many art and cultural events
Yogyakarta is no denying that the city is rich in art and culture. Here we can freely watch the various mat art affordable for all people. Annual events such as Ngayogjazz, Biennale, Artjog, Yogyakarta Art Festival ( FKY ) and others are events that always visited local residents and tourists. Not only that, regular cultural events is also interesting to follow, especially for those who love photography as crashed maulud vying mountains, the Chinese Culture Week every Lunar and sekaten.
Reason Vacation to Yogyakarta

2. Historical and cultural tourist destinations that attract
Maybe no other city that has a lot of destination as many historical and cultural sights of Yogyakarta. Yes, for those who love history and education, the city of Yogyakarta is right. If talk of history, you can visit Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple and Borobudur Temple is located in Magelang, about 40 km from the city center. In the city center you can visit the Sultanate of Yogyakarta Palace and Taman Sari and Sonobudoyo. The story of Indonesia's independence, we can watch in Jogja Kembali Monument. Want to know how the legacy of Mataram Kingdom central government ? Kotagede your foot step. Herein lies the Mataram Kingdom central government since the fall of the year 1582 AD Display - 1640 M. Still dealing with the story of the kingdom of Mataram, there are Imogiri Tomb is the tomb of the kings of Mataram and his family.
Reason Vacation to Yogyakarta

3. Abundant natural tourist
DIY not only have Parangtritis very popular and is in full swing every tourist. You also need to visit other destinations in the region Gunungkidul nature. Some point favorite is Pindul Goa, Beach Indrayanti, Single Pok Beach, Beach Jungwok, Sri Gethuk waterfalls, Mount Nglanggeran, Goa Jomblang and Ngobaran Beach. Stepping into Kulon Progo district there Grojogan waterfall Watu Jonggol, Sermo and Wildlife Progo rafting. In Sleman district you can visit Ground which is a plateau and follow the tour at Merapi volcano thrill.
Reason Vacation to Yogyakarta

4. Variety of food and a place to hang out
One reason could be done very sparingly picnic in Yogyakarta is due for feeding purposes you will not spend too deep. This is known as a student city rich region famous place. Yes, angkringan is the name for a seller of rice ( along with fried foods, drinks and other snacks ) are laid out in a wooden wagon. With Rp. 10 thousand as much you can fill the stomach. Angkringan is no longer synonymous with the not rich. Eating in angkringan was packed with slick and become part of the lifestyle. Come to angkringan Pakualaman almost never quiet. Alternative cheap dinner this famous monument or other is often referred to this famous Lik Man. Located north of Tugu Station, this area is always crowded.
Yogyakarta Variety of food and a place

Yogyakarta was not perfect if not tasted warm. Sweet dishes containing young jackfruit or gori that you can find in every corner of the city. Two famous stall is gudeg Gudeng Mbarek Bu Hj. Amad located in northern GMU Center Building, Karangasem CT II/05. We also can taste in Jl Djum gudeg Yu. Wijilan around the area of Yogyakarta Palace.

In addition to warm, there are some typical foods such as misbegotten Yogya tempeh, bakpia, barking pondoh and its variants. If you want kongkow with friends, you can visited Raminten or Universe.

5. Many cheap lodging
As the backpaker destination, it is not difficult to find cheap lodging in Yogyakarta. As the main magnet city, Malioboro is a bag of cheap lodges that cost less than Rp. 150 thousand per night. Some point in Malioboro provides inexpensive lodging are many roads Sosrowijayan, Dagen and Sosrokusuman.
 cheap lodging in Yogyakarta

6. Shopping is unique and arty stuff
Not to be confused looking for a souvenir or add to your home collection of unique items, just go these places. The main one is Malioboro. Yes, this area is packed with merchants selling a variety of unique objects. In all there are two destination Malioboro shopping you must visit the Batik and Beringharjo Mirota. For peyuka books, both new and secondhand, datangklah to Shopping Center which is located not far from Malioboro. About 2 km from Malioboro, Yogyakarta Palace precisely in the center of batik Ngasem there. The houses in this area Ngasem an outlet that sells batik print or write in a variety of prices. Steer your vehicle to the south of Yogyakarta. Precisely in Kasongan, Bantul you will find pottery-making centers. Not enough ? Try to visit Klithikan Market located at Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto. Here available second-hand goods are still valuable. You will have fun hunting down one by one shop available. Anyway, Yogya is also known as one of the centers of silver. If interested you can come to Kotagede. Silver jewelry from cheap to expensive prices we can choose. Well, already fully has your grocery bag ?
Malioboro Yogyakarta shopping

7. Alternatives to feel the atmosphere of rural Java
Full vacation rustic feel very attractive lately. Primarily by tourists who used to live in the wilderness town. The pleasure of living in a quiet and peaceful countryside that can easily be found in Yogyakarta. Among the hundreds of tourist villages have various privileges you can select one of the following villages. The first is the village which is the national champion Sidoakur klompencapir. Not only that, Sidoakur never got the title as the winner of the Green and Clean. The village also has a rich musical culture such as art, gejog mortar, klothekan and others. In contrast to Sidoakur, Village Tourism Bobung it is rich in handicrafts. Handicrafts from wood batik mask intangibles that have started since the 80s. Another interesting tourist village to visit is Kembangarum, Brayut, Krebet, Turgo and Bejiharjo.
Reason Why travel to Yogyakarta


Tenganan Pegringsingan Ancient Village in East Bali

Tenganan is a village which has its own uniqueness in Bali, village located quite remote and situated in kabupaten karangasem . To reach this village by road and is about 60km from downtown Denpasar, Bali. The village is very traditional as it can withstand the current era of rapid change of technology . Although the facilities and infrastructure like electricity etc go into the Tenganan village, but customs house and was maintained as the original is still exotic. This is because society has customs regulations Tenganan village is very strong, which they call the awig awig they've written since the 11th century and has been refurbished in 1842 .
Tenganan Pegringsingan Ancient Village

Tenganan village has an area of about 1,500,000 hectares, when the sights - the tour Another rapidly growing in Bali like Kuta Beach, Amed Beach, a very festive with the presence Hotel, Beach, Cafe, and nightlife . Tenganan village still standing strong no matter the changing times with the stick with the three village halls are dull and custom homes that lined the exact same one with the other. And not only that this village is also maintained by the descendants of marriages among fellow villagers. Therefore Tenganan traditional fixed and exotic, although Tenganan Society receives input from the outside world but still it will not change fast, because the rules of customary village (awig-awig) have a very important role towards society Tenganan Village.

Tenganan Pegringsingan Ancient Village

To enter the village of Tenganan is a unique, before entering into Tenganan Village area. We're going through a window, there we are not required to pay. It is because there is no ticket / tickets are sold, but we are voluntarily contribute whatever we sincere to semipermanent wooden officers, travelers must pass through before entering the gate is narrow enough that only wide enough for one person. Income residents of the village of Tenganan is also not clear how much revenue, because there still use the barter system between society. There are many crops, rice fields, water buffalo roam freely their kitchen garden .
Tenganan Pegringsingan Ancient Village

To boost their tourism potential, many Tenganan villagers who sell their crafts to tourists . Artshop we can also see that we stepped foot kepintu in, they sell a lot of craft . Such as woven bamboo carvings, miniature paintings carved on palm leaves that have been burned, and the most famous is the fabric grimace . This fabric is unique in that it looked at a glance we can immediately find out if the cloth is handmade . This fabric is expensive, and is only produced in the village of Tenganan only . The time the process takes too long, because as colors - colors that are dikain gringsing is derived from plants and require special treatment . Although many travelers are more and more to come in this village, but unfortunately they are lacking souvenir shopping. Said I Made painter miniature painting on palm leaves .
Tenganan Pegringsingan Ancient Village

Being in this village we feel safe and peaceful atmosphere, the village residents were very welcoming and friendly . We can get around the area of ​​the village and witness their day to day activities . The most appropriate time we were there during the afternoon, as usual in the afternoon they had Tenganan villagers activities. And gathered in front of their homes, and no doubt they are out and hanging out with the other residents . And at this time we can watch and see the behavior of their traditional culture and customs are very thick . So it is worth if they are referred to as BaliAga / Original .

Tips wishing to visit Tenganan :

  • In June held traditional ceremonies pandan. War party is very interesting!
  • Since this time, no public transport to reach here. but here can be reached by motorbike / private car .
  • Typical village Tenganan Pegringsingan besides dat woven fabric, there are also carving / painting palm leaves. This craft is very interesting to buy, because it is unique to the collection .
  • Very interesting if you can mingle with the local village people! The people here are friendly and we can get a lot of life lessons from their local knowledge.


Kolbano Beach

Beaches Kolbano. Although not as popular as neighboring provinces with the natural beauty of the island of Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Timur still has a considerable attraction. The provincial capital is Kupang has some pretty beautiful tourist destination . One is Coast Kolbano.

Ever heard the name of this beach? Kolbano beach is an attraction located in the coastal village of Kolbano, SoE regency, East Nusa Tenggara. About 180 kilometers from Kupang and usually taken for 4-5 hour drive.

Kolbano beach has unique characteristics other than others. Usually a beach has white sand or other colors on its edges , not so with this Kolbano Beach . This beachfront pebbles decorated colorful soft to the size of the little finger to fist.

In addition to beautiful pebbles decorated, on the beach called the un Fatu there is a giant rock that stands proudly. A mix of the grandeur of the giant rock with colorful grit which is the main attraction for beach Kolbano interesting. The next tour I go to oenesu waterfall located in the village located in Oenesu, District of West Kupang, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara Province .

Oenesu Falls has a height of about 10 m with 4 levels. The water from the waterfall slide. Recently stopping by to enjoy the sunset long sand shore.

Location :

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Mount Bromo - a Beautiful Natural Painting in East Java

Enjoying the morning at Bromo be a dream for some people . The atmosphere is quiet , cold , plus sweeping views of the local traditions that maintained a timeless appeal Bromo . East Java is indeed lucky to have him . Bromo is located about 85 km from Surabaya . This area can be reached from Probolinggo or Malang . Usually normal path of Probolinggo . As of Malang , we must pass through oceans of sand with a choice and a limited number of vehicles .

In Bromo , people used to watch the sunrise at Mount Bromo sidelines when viewed from the slopes of Mount Pananjakan . Mount Bromo become attractive because of its status as the volcano is still active and has a height of 2,392 meters above sea level .

Mount Bromo is one of the best destinations in Indonesia since a very beautiful natural and cultural uniqueness . Bromo is widely available in adequate accommodation . When visited in Kesada ( months in public confidence Bromo ) , we can see Kesada ritual , a ceremony melarung to produce a turbulent crater of Mount Bromo . For residents of Bromo , the Tengger tribe , Mount Brahma ( Bromo ) believed to be a sacred mountain . Once a year the Tengger people Yadnya Kasada ceremony or Kasodo . The ceremony was held at a temple located at the foot of Mount Bromo and the ceremony continued north to the top of Mount Bromo . The ceremony was held at midnight to early morning every full moon .


Transport from Surabaya to Bromo can be said to be very easy . In Surabaya, there are many transportation , either bus or rental car . Independent walkers highly recommended renting a car from Surabaya . Car rental easily obtained at Surabaya Airport . This car rental rates around Rp550.000 per day includes fuel and driver . Long journey from Surabaya to Bromo approximately four to five hours . Duration of the trip we had to pass through the city due to a jammed Porong Lapindo mud disaster .

If you want to Bromo by public transport , from Juanda Airport we can take a taxi to Terminal Purabaya / Bungurasih Surabaya . Charges between Rp 40,000 to Rp 50,000 . In the terminal , look for the bus to Terminal Probolinggo Angga Bayu . If you are still confused , ask the ticket seller . Approximately 50,000 bus fare for the bus without air conditioning and Rp80.000 for air-conditioned buses .

To go to Surabaya , 've selected plane is the best because it saves time . In fact , we can save costs if get a ticket promo . However , if you want to by land , there are several options bus from Jakarta to Probolinggo . For example, bus Lorena majors or Pahala Kencana Jakarta - Probolinggo , with Rp220.000 - Rp250.000 rates and down at Terminal Probolinggo . However , if you start from Bungurasih Terminal , take the bus and get off at the majors Probolingga terminal .

From Terminal Probolinggo , take the car elf or special car menjuju Cemoro Lawang area with 25,000 tariff . Unfortunately , this car had the time of operation, only at 08.00-14.00 And , remember that the new elves departed after a full passenger .

Rent a car from Surabaya to Bromo highly recommended . In addition to saving time , the trip was a simple as public transport from Surabaya to Bromo rather difficult .

To climb Mount Pananjakan , we should use the Jeep . If you do not use the Jeep , the car might disappear in the sand terrain . Jeep is able to pass through the sandy terrain and bends during a trip to Bromo . Please ask for it to the hotel or the place we stay to find Jeep because they are usually already working with rental Jeep . One thing to remember , when Kasada ceremony ( held each August or September) , we have to reserve a car in advance .

Schedule rented Jeep normal route ( inn - Cemoro Lawang - Pananjakan - Bromo - specialty ) is at 03:30 to 08:00 pm . The fee was around Rp350.000 - Rp450.000 for cars with a capacity of 5-6 people . This rate is not set in stone alias negotiable . If you have other goals , ktia can negotiate directly with the driver . To transfer to savanna or Teletubbies hill , we have to add the cost of about 100,000 to 150,000 .

Bromo weather is very cold , very cold even at dawn . And we went to Pananjakan Bromo to see sunrise at dawn . So , do not forget to bring some equipment required such as :

thick jacket , sweater
shoes ( do not wear sandals )
trousers ( not shorts )


Bromo is a very ideal tourist spot for city residents who want to unwind because of all the tourist attractions can dikunjungin within one to two days. The following are some of the attractions we can visit .


Watching the sunrise is the best moment to enjoy nature Bromo . In order to enjoy it , we have to set up the Jeep from the inn towards Penanjakan 03.00 . Can we rent a car at the inn . Or , if you want to enjoy the natural scenery and healthy , we can walk through the trail towards Penanjakan . However , for a trip like this , we should hire a guide who is accustomed to the road and terrain in Bromo

In Pananjakan hill we could see from the top of Mount Bromo , is also mountain shell and Mount Semeru . At sunrise , the fog still covered the bottom of Mount Bromo so beautiful panorama and was full of mystical


After enjoying the sunrise , we saw the sea of ​​sand downhill very beautiful , covering an area of ​​15 km2 at the foot of Mount Bromo . At this location there is a place called Sand Whisper because it was there filming Whispering Sand held . There is also a Hindu temple that supposedly is not destroyed when Bromo erupted .


In order to enjoy the caldera or crater of Mount Bromo , we had to walk from the temple as far as two to three kilometers . However , do not be afraid . Here we can hire horses from the inhabitants of Tengger with cost - Rp70.000 50,000 . However , upon arriving at the destination , we still have to climb about 300 steps to reach the crater rim .

Location :

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Visiting Painting Blood In Kokas Papua

Visiting Kokas, Fak Fak regency, West Papua, like visiting an old city. In this district there are areas of ancient sites with a mystery that holds the magic in it. Not only attractive, but also invite people to welcome  its beauty.

Painting the cliff which is the ancient site in Andamata Kokas, Kokas District, Fak-Fak, West Papua. This painting is a relic of prehistoric times.
One of the famous ancient site Kokasadalah painting on steep rocky cliffs. By the local community, this steep rock cliff called Tapurarang. District wealth Coke relics since prehistoric times can be found in Andamata, Fior, Forir, Darembang, and Goras.

So, what is the uniqueness of the painting is an image of human hands and animals on the walls of the cliff? Despite centuries, paintings made with dyes from natural materials is still clearly visible today. The red color on the cliff paintings also resemble the color of human blood. Therefore, local people often refer to painting as painting hand stamp blood.

For local communities, the location of this cliff painting is a sacred place. They believe this painting is a form of the people who were condemned by the ghost of a grandmother who turns into a demon or ghost kaborbor believed to be the ruler of the oceans most frightening. My grandmother died after the attack that sank the boat that he was riding.

Of all the passengers on the boat, only grandmother has died. It is said that none of the passengers on the boat were trying to help her grandmother to save themselves. Feeling hurt, ghost grandmother who has turned into a demon kaborbor condemn all boat passengers trying to escape over the rocks. Due to the curse of all passengers and marine products taken immediately turned into a cliff paintings.

In this cliff painting you can see skeletons of human bones. This framework is believed to be the ancestor or ancestors frame the coke. In ancient times people here have a habit of putting the bodies of ancestors who died in the rock cliffs, caves, headland or under large trees were considered sacred.
Skull found in the cliffs at Andamata, Kokas District, Fak-Fak, West Papua. This human skull is the rest of the local community who do not habit jazad ancestors buried but put it on the rock cliffs, caves, headland or under large trees are special or sacred.

Keen to trace prehistoric Kokas?
From the terminal Fakfak you have to travel overland into coke out of town using public transportation. Distance Fakfak-coke as far as 50 kilometers will be completed in about 2 hours. You just spend Rp 25,000 per person, each way. Arriving diKokas, still have to continue traveling by longboat approximately 1 hour. If the water was high tide, you can go up to the cliff and saw this painting up close. However, if the water receded, the beauty of the cliff paintings can only be enjoyed from the longboat.

Location :

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