What did italy do in ww1?

what did italy do in world war one? it doesnt have to bee too detailed, but please help i have some homework due in very soon!

Answer on What did italy do in ww1?

Italy initially joined the war on the side of Germany and Austria-Hungary, but switched within the first year of the war when Britain promised them land along the Dalmatian Coast and from the northern border with Austria. They actually accomplished very little militarily, as Austria had set up defenses in the Alps to prevent a southern invasion from Italy. The Italian military was literally fighting an uphill battle as they tried to push through the Alps to get into Austria, but was continually pushed back time and time again due to the advantageous position that the Austrian defenses held. Over the course of the war, there were at least a dozen battles fought at the Isonzo River, each one ending in Italian defeat. Following the twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, the Allies finally sent aid to the Italians in the form of reinforcements and artillery, realizing that if the German and Austrian armies could break through Italy, they would be able to do an end-around of the Western Front and encircle their own troops in France.

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