Poll : answer these questions ?

These are mines :D tell me yours :

Fav Color : Purple

Fav Movie : Never Say Never <3

Fav Book : First Step 2 Forever

Fav food : Buffalo wings

Fav time of day : Night

Fav T.V show : E News!

Fav thing to do : Shop :D

Fav body feature : my legs

Fav holiday : Christmas <3

Fav season : Fall or Summer

Fav sport : swimming

Fav soda : Sprite :D

Fav ice cream flavor : Vanilla

Fav singer : Justin Bieber <3 its ok if u don't like him

My prized possesion (s) : My phone,Ipod touch,Latop and Ipad :D

Fav candy : Jolly Ranchers :)

Answer on Poll : answer these questions ?

Fav Color : Green<3 Its always been my favorite. Ever since I could remember:)

Fav Movie : Hmm... Don't have one.

Fav Book : In Fate's Hands

Fav food : Pancit<3 (Cause I'm Filipino like that xD)

Fav time of day : Night

Fav T.V show : Vampire Diaries

Fav thing to do : Listening to music

Fav body feature : My hair

Favorite holiday : Christmas<3

Fav season : Autumn

Fav sport : Basketball even though I don't really care for sports ;)

Fav soda : Pepsi! :D

Fav ice cream flavor : Mint

Fav singer : Ronnie Radke <3

My prized possesion (s) : Phone, CDs, a letter from a friend from like 2 years ago, a picture of me and my siblings from when I was 3, my grandma's old rosary, a bracelet from a close friend

Fav candy : Snickers! :D

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