Will i EVER be skinny? help!?

im 15 and 213lbs. tried every diet pill, every exercise and diet, and tried every affordable program and dvd and games. so far nothing worked and my mom won't throw out the junk food and my parents say they'll help but never help in ways i want them to. and it's really hard to exercise and diet during school and i don't wanna wait to start in the summer. i just feel hopeless i feel alone and theres nothing i think is healthy in my house besides water. there are times when i feel on top of the world and times where i wish i was skinny already cause can't get out of this weight loss trap or plateau cause no matter what i do i can't lose more than 6lbs. HELP!!! PLEASE

Answer on Will i EVER be skinny? help!?

Clearly you have some issues with eating because you say that your "mom won't throw out the junk food". That indicates that even though your on a "diet" your still eating the junk that's in your house.

Here's the simple thing to do: just don't go near it! Maybe try and keep healthy foods for yourself in a separate part of the kitchen, like only in the fridge or in a separate cabinet.

I have my own cabinet in my kitchen with 100% healthy foods so there's no reason for me to go into the cabinets where the cookies and such are for my brothers.

The 1st step to any diet is creating a meal plan. Then STICK TO IT!

If you want motivation check out this blog: it really helps! Or you could use other online resources to stay motivated.


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