Taking a semester or year abroad?

Which is the best place:

Puerto Rico (my dads from there and it seems so beautiful but i dnt know spanish! They say the best way to learn a new language is immersion!)

Hawaii -Seems Gorgeouus and I know there will likely be a lot of other people who are from abroad or atleast vacationing.

Italy- some people i know said it was absolutely amazing and very funn!

Let me know the details!



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How they differentiate for the u.s to how they are similar.

Answer on Taking a semester or year abroad?

First of all, are you in high school or college? If you are in university then you will want to research available colleges in whichever countries you are interested in- some will have less options for you. If you are in high school, then you may want to be a little flexible with your country choices as well- frequently organizations have some sort of scholarship if you choose a less popular country or if you let them choose a country for you. Also, all countries are beautiful in their own way, and I'm sure that wherever you go you will discover this. I would recommend against going to Hawaii just because English is spoken as the main language- it will not give you a language immersion like you would receive if you lived in a different country. I do not know of any programs for high schoolers to go to Puerto Rico, but yes, the best way to learn a language is most definitely by immersion! So, my suggestions for you are to research different scholarships and ways to save money- living in a gorgeous Italian city might be wonderful but not all that cheap. Keep your mind open to different countries- even if they are not a top destination for celebrity vacations, that does not mean they do not have gorgeous spots! Good luck!

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