Speech on Lady Gaga help?

im 13 and doing my speech on Lady Gaga, this is my begining and is it good or should i change it?

and dont mind the spelling mistakes still have to go over that.

When it comes to fashion she is defiantly outside the bubble. She is ahead of the fashion industria by years, but some people think maybe to far? Some of her out of the world outfits would include wearing dresses made intirelly out of meat, a dress made of bubbles, hate to be near a pokipine wearing that and a dress made from puppets ofd hermet the frog.

Good morning Teachers and classmates. This singer is none other then Lady Gaga, or as her family calls her Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

When you see the way she dresse’s you have to think of the guts and confidence she has to walk out to perform or just in public wearing her fashion. But what made her want to be different this way? A lot of people say the clothes you wear can identify you, and set you apart from the crowd but who would think of wearing a meat dress?

Answer on Speech on Lady Gaga help?

In the first paragraph, you should replace the first "she" with a different pronoun. For example, "When it comes to fashion, there is one woman who exceeds the norm. She is ahead of the fashion industry by years, but some people are concerned that perhaps she takes it a little too far. Her outlandish outfits include a dress made out of meat, one made out of bubbles, and even one made out of Kermit the Frog puppets."

The second section is fine. In the third paragraph though, what about: "Lady Gaga has an enormous amount of self-confidence. Seeing her walk out on stage to perform without seeming to care what other people think and wearing her somewhat ridiculous dresses in public, demonstrate this quality. Many people say that what you wear is who you are and can set you apart from the crowd. Lady Gaga took this to the extreme when she came out on stage in her meat dress."

Overall, you did a great job! You just needed some re-wording. Usually, you should leave out the word "you" when giving a speech, but it depends on the type of speech, really. Good job! :)

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