Help me? Should I give up or wait?

I am in love with my friend,Alex for 2 months(coming 3 months),and it seems that he is interested in me too.I had confessed to him,but he said he needed more time and he wants to know me better.At first I didn't understand why he wants to know me better since we had already known each other for 2 months,but now I know why.He wants to know the person well first before he really start dating the person.I realized this because my ex boyfriend messaged me on my mobile.He told me that he felt sad after breaking up with his current girlfriend,but it's the first time a girl treat him coldly.So I told him "That's why it's best to know a person better before you start dating the person."Since then,I realized why Alex told me that he wants to know me better.And now I am waiting for him.I think he is unsure of how he feels towards me.

Yesterday I asked him if it's really okay if I wait for him and he said he don't mind.I felt glad.Last night in Facebook he commented on a wall post of his female friend.She said she wants to watch movie but no one to go with so he commented on the post and said "I go with you also can." I felt hurt and angry.I was feeling jealous.Whenever he spends time with other girls I will feel jealous.If a girl stand next to me I would also feel jealous.Since then I started to ask myself if I should wait for him or give up.

If I give up,I don't need to feel jealous whenever he spends time with other girls and cry because of it.But it would take a long time for me to forget everything.

If I wait,I will feel jealous whenever he spends time with other girls and I would cry,and I can't tell him that I feel jealous because he is not my boyfriend.So even if I tell him that he is important to me and special to me(more than a friend) I think he would tell me that he doesn't know how to answer.(as he is bad in expressing his feelings) why did I fall in love with this guy?? :( I asked myself why did I fall in love with him.If I hadn't fallen in love with him then I don't need to feel hurt because of him.If he is not interested in me then why did he show a lot of interests in me?If I wait for him it may take a long time for him to realize his feelings towards me.

Should I give up or wait?If I follow my heart..I want to wait..but.. :(

Answer on Help me?Should I give up or wait?

im sorry to say these but i think hes really not in to you.

he said he needs more time and want to know you better but

why instead of he dating you,why other girls?

how can he know lot of things about you if he keeps his distance..

try to ignore him and focus on your daily routine,that way you keep yourself busy

and not always thinking of him.

it may hurt every time you see him with other girls but don't be jealous.

maintain your distance.

if hes really interested in you,he should put lot of effort.

time will come he would realise he likes you and i Hope its not late..

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