Cindy in Texas: I have a question for you?

Hi Cindy I hope you answer this question if not someone else can. Why is Gary Taube's book Good Calories and Bad Calories legit? Isn't too much protein bad? I understand cutting off carbohydrates completely is obvious for good weight loss and health but why does he say to eat a high protein diet?

Also regarding my previous question, will 4 grams of sugar alcohol cause weight gain instead of weight stability?

Answer on Cindy in Texas: I have a question for you?

Yes, too much protein is acidic, particularly meats. Probably explains why a lot of people in the western world are so sick and die early. It is well documented that a plant based diet is far healthier than a meat based eating plan along with all the other bad stuff that meat eaters eat as well.

Plant based diets alkaline the body for healthy PH LEVELS. Try it yourself and find out. But you need discipline to be healthy - something only a very smal percentage achieve.

Eat fruit whenever you want - it is all nonsense about how much, when, etc etc. This type of nonsense creates interest and sells books.

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