Friendship - or something else?

I have this friend, I have a small crush on him.

He does stuff like sit next to me and rest his head on my shoulder, but he's hot and cold and I don't understand what is going on?

It's really hard to talk to him. He once asked me out for coffee, and then when I offered to return the favour (as friends do) he refused. He never comes to any social party / friends get together I have (even though he is a part of my friend circle).

He winks, and he asks why I'm always busy and who the guy is. I've told him there is no guy but he's sent a text a while ago hinting that he thought one of my friends was something more than a friend to me.

One girl asked him how his love life is, and he said 'blossoming' and walked away, what does this mean? Avoidance of topic?

I am so confused, please help?

It doesn't help that he's close friends with 4/5 people I really do not gel with.

Thank you

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