What should I do?? Please help!! ):?

This girl and I have feelings for each other for some time already. I've popped the question about twice, but she told me she'll only give me an answer in May. I agreed to wait, because I really wanted to see how much I'm able to do for her. Also, this period will be a good opportunity to see if both of us are really able to compromise for each other. It will also unveil the answer to whether she is really meant for me.

But it feels very one sided already. Everytime something happens, it's because she is unhappy with what I did one way or another. I will always apologize and say that I won't do it again in future. Whether it's her temper, moodswings, or whatever, her tone just becomes very sharp and awful. It hurts me a lot. Things that have happened are like...flaring up at me because she feels stressed because I was asking about her assignments/tests, complaining about physical touch between the 2 of us because she doesn't like it, being upset over just meeting up with her for only 10 or 15 minutes or not staying up to talk to her over the phone or Internet, angry over my Facebook statuses that involved my emotions when I'm hurt by her (just subtle words of course, and I never quote names), and many more. All these usually just ends with my apologizing and saying that I won't do/say such stuff again...and I'm throwing my ego aside to do that everytime simply because I don't want such things between us to drag on and worsen.

I dunno if it's probably the nature of girls to do these...because for me, I'll always be happy to share about my woes about exams, to hold her hand or touch her hair, to see her even for just a second, or to hear about her updates on Facebook etc...but now I have to minimize schoolwork talk...physical touch...and to meet her for at least an hour...

I've told her about how I really feel about her words and actions before, as how many of her friends and my friends have suggested...but it didn't seem to work...we just end up arguing...which explains why I always apologize and all in the end...she even said "i'm tired of you and your equality *hit"...and suggested finding a person who can make me happier. It really hurts me a lot to hear that.

I promised myself to do my best in this while waiting, and I won't give up until May arrives...Right now, I'm confident enough to say that I've been more initiating and honest compared to the past...but for all the time, effort and money I've been pouring in...they just don't seem to yield the results I expected...It's a truth that I like her a lot...but while I've been trying hard to change myself and to give...she still seems to be residing in her comfortable square 1...

Can anyone give me some advice? ): Are her actions normal for a girl? What should I do to improve things? This way...at least I can be mentally prepared when May arrives (whether it's about her answer, or my own decision). Please help! ):

Answer on What should I do?? Please help!! ):?

I think you're crazy for wanting to marry her. No offense. People have the ability to change. Just talk to her about your feelings. She has to improve herself.

But seriously, If someone asked me to marry them, I'd know then, not make them wait.

Just prepare yourself for the worst and don't set yourself up.

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