Is this fat or loose skin? pictures!?

I'm a female turning 19 in a couple weeks and have recently lost 66 pounds, and started in may of last year. I am 5'9 and started out at a weight of 246 pounds and am now weighing in at 180! I lost the weight very quickly and I'm scared that I have loose fat that won't go back... SO scared! I was so excited about the weight loss and getting to show off a body this summer.. will it really not go back by then? I have been walking every night for the passed few months and a few days ago I started adding pushups and situps, etc. Anyway, any oppinions or suggestions are accepted here. Thankyou.

(I pray to GOD this cant be ALLL excess skin... is it fat or loose skin? :( )

(leaning in.. I believe these are just love handle type things?)

and.. can you tell me which areas you think are fat and which are loose skin, and maybe roughly how much more weight I should lose? thank you!!!

Answer on Is this fat or loose skin? pictures!?

It looks like loose skin and if you lose weight, it may become looser :O

You seem fine though :)

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