How much do Justin Bieber backstage passes usually cost in Toronto?

All-Access Backstage Passes.

I've seen some for 500-1,200$.

Answer on How much do Justin Bieber backstage passes usually cost in Toronto?

There are FOUR ways to get a backstage pass....

1) You must KNOW someone connected with the tour, more

like a relative that works for the concert. Or, if you are lucky have

a friend in school or a neighbor that has a relative that works

for the concert or band.

Or someone in the arena or the concert that has connections to the band.

2) Be a news reporter. You would have to be one connected

to your local newspaper or local TV news team.

3) A local radio station will sometime have a backstage pass

of the concert and offer it as a promotional prize.

Either you have to be the 7th or 10th caller.

Or answer the right question on the air.

Or hope that the entry form you filled out gets picked out

in a drawing.

4) Sometimes a person will have one and will sell it

on EBAY online auction or and EXPECT to

pay REALLY BIG DOLLARS (like hundreds or thousands) for it.

Those are the ONLY WAY you will get backstage pass.

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Also, beware of somebody suggesting a website to get a book

on a website of:

I have seen this book it just seems to be some kind book that

is suppose to tell you how to make the right connections & such.

This book DOES NOT even guarantee you will EVEN GET a backstage pass.

It seems to be a TON of work to start with.

I mean(example) at a Justin Beiber concert at a auditorium there will

be well over 10,000 screaming fans that bought tickets from the $50.00(front section)

to the cheaper $29.95(balcony cheap seats). Or pay the scalpers over $100.00

for it.

I mean in a large city, girls pay the $29.95 for this book and there are about 1000

girls that get this book... I HIGHLY DOUBT that at any major concert there will be

1000 backstage passes available. More like realistically about 100 is available.

The ONLY person here on "Yahoo ANSWERS" that ever recommends this book

is some guy called "Buk Nekid" (even this name he uses which reads/sounds

like "butt naked" should ring an alarm bell),

It seems "Buk Nekid" disappeared after I kept informing people

with info about this. Plus, when I clicked on his yahoo ID recently, it states

that he "no longer" on Yahoo ANSWERS, some of my fans here thinks I scared

the guy off with my informative and useful answers.

Right now it seems a person name "That's What She Said" is recommending

this website..Also, when someone has their Yahoo Answers! info and

has ALL their questions and answers as "Private - Nothing To See Here" raises

questions about this. Now it seems to be a person name "Scoop Scoop", and their

Yahoo! ANSWERS ID also says, "Private -Nothing To See Here" also raises

more questions here as well.

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I also noticed that when "Buk Nekid" disappeared off of Yahoo! ANSWERS

from what my fans here on Yahoo! ANSWERS said I probably scared him off.

Then a person name "That's What She Said" seem to replaced him(or her). When I

noticed that it seems that "That's What She Said" seems so replace "Buk Mekid"

on this "" website. This person disappeared off of

Yahoo! ANSWERS and seems to be replace with someone

name "Scoop Scoop", and their Yahoo" ANSWERS ID of their answers

and questions are also "Private-Nothing To See Here"....ALSO raises some questions.

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