Worried about girlfriend's fertility...any ideas?

To be honest, I was also worried about my own do to my history of "over-exercising"...but got a sperm test and all the motility/morphology/sperm-count results were excellent (IE 150 million sperm count, 57% sperm motility).

It has been three months (not that long, but short either). We are both on a diet of no wheat, no sugar, and no caffeine...plus tons of fruits and vegetables...plus she's on pre-natal pills. I try to get her to exercise 250 calories 2 times a day at a very slow pace on a recumbent exercise bike (slow enough she can easily talk while exercising). She also has regular periods and has for the 5 years I've known her.

One catch...she is borderline obese...though, of course, we both exercise and she's slowly losing weight (1.5-2 pounds.per week or so).

And, without going into details, we have sex every morning.

It really gets to me though...so many people our age (30-31) are both obese and eat tons of fast food (and may very well not be exercising at all) and seem to be very easily popping out kids. My doctor suggested and prescribed Clomid, but a friend with fertility issues said Progesterone injections are a much better idea (both for overall health and fertility effectiveness). I am not quite sure where to turn or what to look for...it's to the point my g/f seems angry at me for the whole thing (and, yes, I want the baby as much as she does). Again, any ideas?

Answer on Worried about girlfriend's fertility...any ideas?

3 months isn't long by any means. It can take a healthy couple with no fertility issues whatsoever up to a year and in some cases a little longer to get pregnant. If nothing is wrong its just a matter of timing which can take time. Exercising and eating right are great moves but be careful and remember that any drastic changes can throw her cycle off. Having sex everyday (literally everyday) can deplete your sperm count as well. Try every other day. She also needs to start charting her cycles or taking ovulation predictor tests if you guys are wanting to dive into TTC head first. That will give you a better idea as to when she is fertile.

Good luck!

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