Raw diet for dogs?

Can you mix kibble in it?

And do you just throw the meat in the bowl without washing it?

Do you have to do anything to the meat, before you give it to your dog?

I am actually looking for pretty much a recipe on showing how to feed your dog a raw diet. (I am new at this)

Answer on Raw diet for dogs?

A balanced raw diet is NOT just meat - it is meat, bones and offal fed at about the ratio of about 70-80% meat, 10-15% bone and 10-15% offal. As this is fed over the course of a week or two is is really not hard to work out.

Feed about 2-3% of adult body weight per day - my 16.5kg girl gets about 400gms per day. As a pup she got the same amount but split over several meals. I would suggest joining one of the yahoo raw feeding groups - rawfeeding or RawMeatyBone are both good - and purchasing Dr Tom Lonsdale's book Work Wonders - I got mine and also his other book Raw Meaty Bones on Amazon.

It is not recommended to feed cooked and raw together due to differing digestion rates and there is no need to wash the meat. If you are feeding the recommended chunks of meat and meaty bones the dog will pull it out of the bowl anyway.

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