Is this possible? (dating situation/ flirting )?

This guy I have been talking to for two months now he lives in Texas and I live in Florida. He is my best friend's brother in law. His name is Shawn we have never actually met in person before but we keep in contact over the phone,facebook,and blog tv like web cam.

Is it possible to fall really hard for someone like this you've never met and I know his mom and dad who are both really nice.

He asked me to be his girlfriend, but I didn't anything because I don't know how I feel being asked out over the phone. Then he said I'll ask you out now and then when I save money for a plane ticket for you to come to Texas I'll ask you out again the right way in person.

Like is this possible for us to be falling really hard for each other when we have never met because we both seem to tell each other we are.

Like do you think this is real or just some fantasy thing?

He's 23 and I'm 20.

I love his mom she's an amazing person I've talked to her maybe five times because his mom lives here. I think she adores me too.

What are your opinions?

Answer on Is this possible? (dating situation/ flirting )?

yea i think its very possible... just because youve never met in person doesnt mean there cant be feelings... youve seen him on webcam right.? and you guys talk all the time? its practically a relationship as it is already. if your both willing to give it a shot i think itl b worth it in the end.. i think you should go for it.! he seems to show a lot of interest from what you wrote.... when i first started talking to my boyfriend he had to leave for a job oppurtunity like 6 hrs away for one summer we talked throughout that whole summer we didnt even see each other until he came back but thats how our love story started and the 23rd of this month its gonna b our 3rd yr since ive been his girlfriend... hope that helps.! :)

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