Hetalia Axis Powers question? theme songs.?

So I'm in love with the song at the end of episode 27. The one where Germany sings the theme instead of Italy? Yeah.

I really would like an mp3 file for it.

Or at least know the name of it.

If you tell me to go search some free mp3 site, I will smite you.

Answer on Hetalia Axis Powers question? theme songs.?

its just Marukatie Chikyu Germany Ver. by Hiroki Yasumoto

hehe seeing namikawa's name made my day so because of my awesome mood i will inform you that the song is currently being requested on gendou.com..... so if anyone has it hopefully it will be hosted there in due time.... (i also want to see the japan version XP)

i would give you more info but i haven't even been able to find it on youtube

OHH look what i found!! =O


and i just found this too (you can download it from here)


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