What are some good exercises to help tone?

I am going on a diet(eating healthy & exercising).

I don't want flabby skin, when i loose the weight then have to tone it all. So I thought if I do toning exercises while im loosing the weight I wouldn't get flabby arms, and such.

For my arms, I do have 2 pound dumbbell things.

What can I do for my butt, stomach, legs, thighs, arms, ect.

I also want to increase my health.

Answer on What are some good exercises to help tone?

i suggest swimming (fantastic for toning), or Tai Chi, which is what i do. Tai Chi is a body conditioning exercise. You must keep your legs bent, torso straight, with head at a particular height at all times.. The lower you go, the greater the work out for your muscles. It also has great benefits for posture, circulation and balance. I do it for an hour a day, or perform the 20 minute warm up when going to the gym :)

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