How Would I become an Actress - Im in the age range of 14-17?

I used to go to drama camp, and did a semester of drama in school, but never really thought of it as a career for me. Recently, I have been really thinking about how much I love acting and thought I could maybe make a career out of it. So how would I get started doing that?

Answer on How Would I become an Actress- Im in the age range of 14-17?

If you are serious about wanting to act, read every play you can get hold of, read books, go to a theatre club or stage group and learn everything you can. Singing is often required so join a choir or singing group - dance is really useful too.

Work hard at all your school subjects and get as many good grades as you can so you can get onto a high school course including Drama or Performing Arts, and also ideally subjects like Psychology, English, Sociology, etc. Take an interest in everything. Then apply for a drama school.

You are looking at years of hard work, very little glamour, terrible rates of pay – if any – doing odd jobs in bars, shops, offices, etc, just to pay the bills while you’re auditioning for acting work. It’s not something you should even be considering unless you’re totally passionate about acting and can’t imagine doing anything else. You’ll probably never be famous, or make much money, but if it’s what you really want, go for it. If it’s just a nice idea because it sounds fun and exciting and so on, forget it.

Good luck!

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