How do you show interest in a woman (without asking her out or randomly kissing her)?

I just want to be straightforward and obvious that I like her. I don't want to make her question. It's a subconscious thing I've done, and it's like I don't know how to do otherwise. I want her to know I DO like her so that she is not hesitant to date me/try a relationship with me.

I'll see if I can get her to catch me checking her out. I'm just worried about when she does see me... I'll probably flip, look away before she catches me or get all embarrassed.

I tried the eye thing once (head tilted/light smile-seductive look) and she reacted really well(just stopped and looked real vulnerable, looked at me with wide eyes/mouth open, looked away and then back at me)... but clearly that alone is not enough. I'm female and I'm bi. She's 25 (no note passing!)

Answer on How do you show interest in a woman (without asking her out or randomly kissing her)?

I don't know, sounds like you're on the right track there to me.

I've never been good at flirting or that really smooth facial expression stuff, but I'm a sub so I don't have to be. If I were there, I would have made those same motions and I'd def. be thinking about you the next day.

I would say the best way to show obvious interest in her is to literally show obvious interest in her. I'm not sure what sort of situations you're used to being in with her, but as an example, buy her a drink you've seen her order before and note that you noticed she had ordered it before. It's not as much as a grey zone when it's a woman and a woman. The basics are notice, comment, and always ask for more information. Being interested in her is the best way to show her you're interested in her. :P

Without knowing more about you two, it's hard to give more examples of ways to engage her.

Showing that you're embarrassed or excited when she notices you isn't such a bad thing, either. You obviously found it exciting and inviting when she showed vulnerability at your seductive glances, she might find them equally inviting.

I wouldn't skip to random kisses and uninvited affection, though. But asking her out might be easier and less up front than you think. If you know she likes a certain coffee place, for example, you might want to start getting your coffee there, too. It's not asking and it's out, it sorta counts and sorta doesn't, haha.

Good luck and have fun. :D

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