Should I see endocrinologist or ENT?

I recently went to establish care with a new PCP. I had been having symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, insomnia, difficulty swalling, etc..She discovered that i had a thyroid nodule(s). I was referred to get a US of which I did and it revealed a left nodule measuring 2X2 cm. and one on the right slightly smaller. I am being referred to a ENT and everyone is asking me why not more testing or see an Endocrinologist first. I did get labs and my TSH was 1.470 (nl), T4 was7.6 (nl), and T3 was 111 (nl). Is it possible to have these and the labs to be normal? Why would it not show hypo or hyper thyroidism? Is it important to see if the nodules are "hot" or "cold"?? Please help if anyone can?

Answer on Should I see endocrinologist or ENT?

you can't tell that way go to a doctor!!!

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