Help with my heritage?

okay so lately ive been feeling frusturated and outa place because im from so many places

italy, spain, greek, french, lebanon..

i was born in the u.s.

and feel like i dont belong very self concious

i mostly look italian but people are always asking me where im from! it gets old..

and if i say spain people get all wierd and say that im "too white" like whatttt. spain is a european people are white..

idk im just really frusturated

not sure if im making sense

Answer on Help with my heritage?

Keep it simple. You've got mixed heritage. I believe all these countries border the Mediterranean Sea... say you're Mediterranean.

I know what you go through. I've got Puerto Rican parents, and for the most part, I'm Puerto Rican. I was born in Spain (my father was in the military), but I spent 11 years in the US. The last 12 and a half years I've been in Puerto Rico, so it should have been easy, but I look Arabic, especially when I don't shave. Plus, my last name is not common. There's not a bit of Arabic in my heritage, at least not back three generations, and I was raised in the US, but I've got Puerto Rican parents, who had me in Spain.

Now that I think of it: just say what you normally say. If you say you're Italian, let them deal with it. If you feel you're Spanish, say so. Spaniards are white as paper, not as much as Scandinavians, but they sure don't have as much color as Latin Americans. If they don't believe you, assure them: I have Spanish heritage. Or whatever it is you are: it's nobody's business. And if they care so much, give them the explanation: "My father was from France, my mother is German, her father is Irish and they all moved to Portugal, that's where they met and got married and then they move to Greece and set up a company and moved to the US when the economy over there got bad and that's where I was born and where I've lived all my life." Whatever you family story is, be proud of it. It makes you international, interesting and more cultured than many more people around you.

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