Diet Question? Six Pack? Help? Advice?

ok so i am 14 years old almost 15 freshman i have pretty ripped arms i lift every mon weds and fri and i run on tues and thurs. I have been doing this for a WHILE and i can feel a six pack easy but it is not visable at all i think maybe my eating habbits are affecting this...So please help give me some diet advice and tips also so working out tips to get a six pack. thanks

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Wow Yahoo Answer'ers are stupid (aside from Master).

Single digit bodyfat level = visible abs.

To attain single digit bodyfat levels = 100% your daily diet.

Figure out your daily caloric requirement, then go under that.

Example: a 180lb man needs about 2,000cals a day to maintain his weight just sitting on the couch all day watching TV. If he wants to lose weight, he limits his calories to 1,700. 300cal x 7days = 2,100cals. One pound of fat is 3,500cals.

But most people concerned with their bodyfat aren't going to sit in front of the TV all day doing nothing. If this same man were to lift weights or do cardio 45min-1hr everyday while still eating only 1,700 cals, you minus the 300'ish cals (from the daily exercise) from the 1,700 he eats to give us 1,400. Now remember he needs 2,000 just to sit on the couch and maintain his weight. So at 1,400, he's at a 600cal deficit each day, 600x7days = 4,200. So now he's going to lose 1.25lbs a week.

If the man is in college or has an desk job with similar calorie expenditure, the 2,000cal he ate while watching TV all day was too low, because actively walking around at college and going to classes for 6-7hrs is going to burn an additional 2-300cals. So say he goes to college, he needs 2,300cals a day to maintain. He cuts it to 1,700, but also works out every day burning 300 more calories. He's going to be 900cal a day under his maintenance level. 900cal x 7 days = 6300cals (1lb of fat is 3500) he will lose 1.8lbs per week which comes out to almost 8lbs a month.

Bottom line: It's all about the total calories. Figure out the math on how many calories you need a day and minus 200-300 from that. Write down everything you eat, from that 1/2tbsp of butter on your wheat toast to the mayo on your sandwich.

My other advice is you don't eat butter or mayo or cheese or anything tasty yet high in calories. Stick to egg whites, chicken breast, lean beef, salmon/tuna, fruits/veggies, as for grains- limit them to oats, brown rice, yams/sweet potatoes and low carb breads/tortillas/wraps.

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