When should I call them?

The previoust Friday I accidentaly happened to visit a Touristic exhibition. In June I've graduated from the uni after studying 6 years of Math and still havn't found any job. Well, as I speak rather well Italian I just came to people representing a Tour operator responsible for Italy and asked them:"I want a job!" This was a bit crazy because wasn't planned and was spontaneous. Well, I told the same about myself as I've told here and they told me:"God sent us to you! One girl quites the work next week or two and we urgently need someone at her place!" There looked really happy! Me obviously too. Then we've discussed the job, they expalined all the duties and then the guy who I was speaking to (he told he helped the director to find the personal) gave me his phone, I gave them mine. Then he told the director will come from Italy on Monday (the Monday that already was) and they will talk to him about me and then I will have an interview either on Tuesday or on Wednesday. Well, it's already Thursday evening and nobody has called me yet! I also didn't call them as I know we have to wait. But I wonder when should I call and ask them exactly? On Friday or already on Monday? Or if they didn't call themselves yet this means they dn' want me? What are the rules?

Thank you all!


Answer on When should I call them?

I'd call first thing Friday and tell them that you are very interested in meeting with the Director and that you are available on whatever day and time to do so. Since you met them at an exhibition the person you spoke with might have gotten caught up in other things. Remind him/her about you and the fact you are very interested in working for them.

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