Henna tattoo questions? Is dry skin a problem?....?

Okay 1. Do regular tattoo artists do henna tattoos?

2. Is dry skin a problem?

3. Can I get it on the inside of my arm with a quote like Lady Gaga

4. They usually last about 2-3 weeks can I get it touched up when it starts to fade?

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Answer on Henna tattoo questions? Is dry skin a problem?....?

1. Some do, but most often not, since it's a different art form and a different set of skills. A tattoo artist and henna artist might both draw very well, but that doesn't mean a tattooist can apply henna well or a henna artist can do a tattoo that looks good. But a tattoo studio is a good place to ask about a henna artist, because body mod people and body art people often travel and work in the same circles.

2. Nope, but exfoliating beforehand is a good idea. Loose skin will flake off quickly and can cause light spots. So scrub gently to get all the loose skin off before starting.

3. You can get it anywhere. It will be a little lighter in the inner arm than on the hand, but still darker than it would be on even softer skin like bellies.

4. You can, but it may look best if you let the original fade completely before redoing it. Otherwise you might notice color variations since the designs often don't fade evenly.

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