Why do people assume emo = gay?

So I guess I dress kinda emo/scene (i wear skinny jeans, hairflip, etc), and I've been hearing about a lot of people thinking I'm gay (I'm actually bi, but that's beside the point). Why is the stereotype that emo/scene people always have to be gay? Also, I do wear Lady Gaga merch. I'm guessing that's part of it. But still it's a stereotype + I don't like it :/

Answer on Why do people assume emo = gay?

most of the time it is....thats why

more 80% emo is more likely gay....so people tend to think that

we can't stop people to be totally free of this things yet i guess

and the point sud be so what?

there's nothing wrong with being gay....so why bother get annoyed?!!!

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