Why do guys try to make us girls jealous?

Like this guy is hanging out with this girl who's envious of me and he talks to her like its nothing, then he adds some hoe on myspace who's some blond bimbo who dresses like a slut.

But then he shows signs that he likes me but doesn't want to express it, I have shown no sign to him that I like him or have any kind of emotion at all because I'm pretty reserved to myself and doesn't like to show that i like him in return, without the fear of rejection.

What do you guys think?

Answer on Why do guys try to make us girls jealous?

To be honest he sounds like a loser, and yes a player. Jealousy is a form of hurt. If he is trying to make you jealous he is deliberately trying to hurt you, someone who really cares about someone would not do something like that. Wait for a guy who genuinely shows admiration for you and treats you with respect. You deserve no less. Goodluck!

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