Is this normal reaction to justin bieber?

he is my wallpaper, and im just staring at him, i see his beautiful eyes, he has the best brown eyes in the world, and i start crying, i just look at his face and it makes me want to kiss him really bad, i mean i know so many girls do this but, i feel like deep emotions for him, and if I had to choose any guy in the world it would be him... i feel like i love him.... like honestly, not crazy fan love, but like love, love…

this is the picture i keep looking at, and it makes me cry because i feel so much love, and compassion for him... i think he is an absolutely beautiful person, who deserves to be where he is, and no im not one of those crazy stalker fans, if he were a normal guy, I would still be in love with him, i dont care if he is rich or poor, famous or not i seriously like passionately love him... i know i may seem lame, weird, crazy, and starstruck but im not... what is this...? i love his music, its just so beautiful, and he is just amazing... i loved his movie, and i got teary because its amazing how he succeeded, he gives me hope... he comforts me even though he doesnt know me, he makes me feel special. i know my chances of dating him are low, but he says he looks for a girl who is laid back, and can make him laugh, and he says looks dont matter to him as long as she has a kind heart. I feel like im perfect, i know it sounds conceited but i rlly do... i just felt like i should share my feelings, dont judge me because I feel this great love for him but what does this mean, am i some physco freak idk... ive never felt this feelings with any guy before...

Answer on Is this normal reaction to justin bieber?

I don't like Bieber but I'm not gonna bash him here because I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same exact way about a celebrity before (a girl celeb not a guy lol). Just keep in mind that you're not the only girl who feels the way you do, there are much more. Some who may even have stronger feelings. You can keep going the way you are now, but what'll happen if one day he announces he officially has a girlfriend? You'll be heartbroken. And that girl will be public enemy #1. And then you'll suffer from withdrawal and you'll pretty much be sad forever. I gave up on my celeb crush and accepted the fact that I'll be single forever, I never even got to meet her. Probably never will. But that doesn't you should give up too. If you're serious about it then go after him. You never know, you just might be the one who he falls in love with. You have as much of a chance as any other girl out there, probably even more since you want it more. Good luck.

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