Need help in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German?


I'm about to depart for my Europe trip. But i need some basic language help in French, Italian, Spanish, German, dutch.

Can someone help me translate the following phrase? (a more polite way that usually you will talk with strangers)

Good morning,afternoon, evening,

Thanks you. (Thank you very much)


Excuse me

Do you speak English?

May i know how to go to ...

(Did i miss any important?)

ps: As i know i can easily get all phrase translation from internet but i worried that's not correct.

By the way, can anyone tell me is that any phrase or sign should avoid doing while i'm in

Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic?

Thanks you very much.

Answer on Need help in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German?

You can get reliable travel phrases from download the flashcards, and learn the phrases you will need. They teach you pronunciation, too. I figure, you're likely to look at these and not have the first clue how to pronounce anything. You will wind up just as unintelligible as if you hadn't tried at all.


Buenos Dias, Buenas tardes (that will take you into the evening.) Buenas noches (when you are saying good bye for the night).

Gracias (the c sounds like a th).


Perdoneme, disculpeme, con permiso, even por favor works.

?Se Habla ingles? or ?Habla Ingles?

?Como llego a...?

Yeah....How much? ?Cuanto cuesta?

Please - Por favor

Where is...? ?Donde esta?

aspirin aspirina


Guten Morgen, (can't remember any way to say good afternoon) Guten abend Gruss Gott (Austria only...any time of day)

Danke, Danke Schon

(see above)

Enschuldigen Sie

Sprechen Sie Anglisch (wow! I'm not sure I spelled that right)

I can't remember how to say this your way...Wo ist...Where is...? will get you there.

Bitte = Please

Wieviel kostet? how much is it?

aspirin (honest) asprina


Buon Giorno, Buona sera, Buona notte (similar to Spanish in the timing)



parli inglese?

come vado a...?

Please = prego

Quanto e...?

Dov'e...? where is..?

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