What are some cheap healthy foods and recipes?

I am on a budget cause I am a full time student. But I need to be sure I get as many vitamins and minerals in my diet as I can. Especially omega 3 or 6.

Answer on What are some cheap healthy foods and recipes?

Rice and beans are really good, cheap, and so good for you. And depending on what protein, veggies, and flavorings/spices you use there are endless variations. And you don't have to make your own beans since canned beans are actually very good, unlike most canned veggies. Canned tomatoes are good, too. I like Goya and Glory because they are flavored -- especially Goya pink beans in spanish sauce. You can actually eat beans and rice with lots of veggies, but I always use some kind of protein -- chicken, ham, shrimp, Chorizo or smoked sausage, even ground beef made Picadillo style with olives.

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