How much weight will i lose?

im going on a diet for 2 months and i was planning to eat only fruits and vegetables for that whole time i was also planning to go walking two times a day for an hour or so i weigh 170 right now im planning to lose 30 pounds will i make it also i wont drink anything else besides water and green tea and will rarely eat chicken and meat during this time so how much weight will i lose

Answer on How much weight will i lose?

you really need to count your calories. I have lost 101 pounds just by counting. You may think "I will only eat fruits and vegs" now but they both have calories and you can over eat fruit and gain weight. You might think your doing great, but you need to be consistent and eventually you might bend. I have heard of people who do this and end up over eating healthy foods and gain more weight then when they started. try eating 1200 calories a day. That way you don't have to constrict your self and eventually bend in your diet. If you walk that much it will be great. You could lose 30 pounds in three months easy!

also this calcultor for calories helped me out A LOT!…

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