The Girl again......?

Well if you haven't seen my previous questions about the girl -…

well i took her to tha cinema today and nothing happened... all we talked about was that she got close to this other boy ( *crys* ) on her italy trip. I asked her if she was Gunna go out with him but she said probably not it all depends how things go with this other boy, to which i asked whose this other boy but she didn't tell me just saying that its a secret and that she's not Gunna tell me. Thing is she told me the other boy she kinda Fancy's but not this second? could this mean its me? i really hope it is. any ideas of what to do? I dont wanna just come strait out with it as it makes me feel extremly uncomfortable...



Answer on The Girl again......?

Haha, sounds like she likes you and is testing the waters. Think about it, if she DIDN'T like you, would she even GO to the cinemas with you, draw a love heart on your hand, or talk on msn a lot? I know I wouldn't, and neither would any of my girl friends.

Some ideas may be:

Make her a mix cd if she is into music, and then include an appropriate love song at the end (something no too heavy but sweet) and write her a note on the cd to pay special attention to the last song

Does your school have dances? Ask her

Talk about a girl that you like, and when she asks who it is, tell her that "I'll tell if you tell who the 'mystery' guy is"

at the end of the day, it's gonna take SOME risk and guts whatever you do, so be a man and just do it.

She may love you for it ;)

all the best mate

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