I think this girl likes me?

Ok before you read this just know I DON'T LIKE HER I'm just curious if she likes me so I don't hurt her by mistake and I'm making all names up except mine for obvious reasons.

Day 1:Last week I was sitting with my friends at lunch (most of them were girls) and one of them, Liz, kept looking at her, Amy, then back to me and she suddenly blurted "NO!" which confused me at the time. They obviously thought I wasn't listening (I usually try sleeping during lunch) and Liz continued to say "you don't even like Ben (my name) as a friend?" Amy said "no I do as a friend but you and my mom have the same idea" (we hang outside the school together while waiting for our parents to get us) then right as the bell rang she blushed and said "maybe a little"

Day 2: The next day she was talking to Liz again and it went something like this "you and my mom are the only people who know I like him" and Liz asked if she could tell Zoey which she did and when I asked she said it was a secret I was still confused by what was going on considering I'm a guy.

Day 3: The next day Amy asked who was going to the dance I usually wouldn't but she convinced me to and when I got there I hung out with her and Dylan and Dylan kept looking at Amy and back to me with raised eyebrows and she once again blurted "NO!" (this is where I the clueless get a clue) when we left that night Amy asked me if I wanted her phone # and I decided yeah so she got it and later that night she txted me and shes been txting me every night since then

Day 6: Today during lunch Dylan was like how's your day going Amy? with some weird hand motion (secret code maybe) and the eyebrows were raised and she was looking at me and before she replied Amy glanced at me and with the same motion said great and a couple hours ago she kept txting me trying to convince me to ask out a girl (maybe she was hoping I would ask her out)

Answer on I think this girl likes me?

I Agree .. Yes she does =))

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