How do I use my vodacomtz simcard in Italy?

I receive sms from tz but they cant call me in open line why? I send them call me sms and are delivered, please help me out. I like vodacom simcrd and my number

Answer on How do I use my vodacomtz simcard in Italy?

Difficult question, isn't it? Here are some suggestions for you.

1) Is your simcard enabled to international roaming?

If it isn't, you could do this way when in TZ.

Call Customer Care +255 754 710688 to activate the service on your number. Activation is FREE and does not expire until you call up Customer Care again to remove the service. Then connect your card to the local supposting network [Switching off your cellphone and then switching it on, the network will automatically connect to the roaming partner.

If the phone does not automatically select the roaming partner, then you are kindly advised to set this manually via the Network selection option on your phone. Most standard phones have this option under Phone Setting Network Selection - it will be set to ‘Automatic’ by default. You must select ‘Manual’ - it will then show you a list of available networks, from which you may then select the partner network. For prepaid simcard the italian partner is WIND. For postpaid simcard the italian partners are: Vodafone, TIM, Wind, H3G;

2) When you are calling to TZ with a prepaid simcard, ensure you have sufficient airtime / credit balance in your phone. There is no minimum or maximum amount required, this would depend on how much you intend to use on your phone. For example, if you only want to receive SMS, you don’t need any credit at all.

3) When they call you from TZ:

- what company are they calling from? Is it in partnership with Vodacom TZ?

- do they have sufficient credit on their phones?

4) If you have an enabled international roaming prepaid simcard, is Wind active in the italian place where you stay during the call?

For any assistance, call +255 754 710688 to contact Vodacom Customer Care in Tz.

Hope this can help you in some way.

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