Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Air Time Question)?

Accordig to the official website:

The air time is on Fridays, at 10 PM ET/PT time.

I don't have "starz", so what I do is download it via torrent online. Anyways, I checked both ET and PT times

PT Time:

Date: Friday 26

Time: Around 10:30 PM

So, I guess it's airing right now currently.. since the show is like 1 hour.

As for the ET time.

Date: Saturday 27

Time: Around 1:30 AM

It currently stopped airing.

I was wondering, when it will be available online? Does it depend on the user or .. Idk. Just confused with the timings and when I should expect to download it.

Thanks, 10 points ready.

Answer on Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Air Time Question)?

Princess - It depends on where you live as to when they update it. I have found that not all of the listings they have are shown at the time they say they will be so... I usually watch them online at the website below:…

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