My guinea pig is about to die, what should i do?

I went to feed my guinea pigs, I have 2 females, and i realized my favorite one was lying on her side. i picked her up and she was heavily breathing. I know shes going to die. what should i do? she was very important to me, i guess i could have taken better care for her, but her sister is perfectly healthy while she struggled all the time with loss of hair, loss of weight. she was fine for a month now, but i see shes sick now. shes about 4 years old. her sister is 4 1/2. When she does pass, what should i do with her? i want to bury her but my family is coming over and im 13, and i dont really want to cry in front of them. Christmas is coming too:( Im going to miss her so much. Also, what should i do with her sister since i definetly cannot get another guinea pig. how should i make sure that she's happy when she has no one to play with. any information at all would help.

Answer on My guinea pig is about to die, what should i do?

I'm sorry you have to deal with this. She is considered elderly for a guinea pig, and hair-loss and weight change indicate declining health. Don't feel too guilty, at this age not much would've been done to help her had you taken her to a vet.

At this point, just keep her comfortable. If you have an old cloth, wrap her up and hold her for a while. If she was generally content in her cage, just lay a cloth over her and keep her with her friend. She may also like a heating pad. If you don't have one, you can take an old sock, fill it with rice and stick it in the microwave for a few seconds. Keep it warm, NOT hot and lay it beside her. It's all about keeping her comfy and happy while she passes.

Her sister will likely be just fine. Guinea pigs adjust. She may be sad for a bit, but pay her a little extra attention and she should get through it just fine.

If you'd like to bury her once she passes, I think that is perfectly fine. You can go about it quietly and have some time to yourself, I'm sure your family will understand if you need to separate for a bit.

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