Awesome Hardstyle/Jumpstyle/Tektonic songs?

Hi there.

I'm looking for some awesome Hardstyle, Jumstyle and Tektonic songs that will really set off a party/Gig!

Something with alot of Bass would be good.

Please, No Modern HipHop or R&B styled music like Lady GaGa or Black Eyed Peas. Those songs are more Rave than anything.

Answer on Awesome Hardstyle/Jumpstyle/Tektonic songs?

No Sucker by Dim Chris

Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion remix)

Last Ones Standing (Doctor P remix)

Camels by Santos

Cinema (Skrillex remix)

Hahaha! by SMF

Calabria (Jumpstyle remix) by DJ Coone

These are just some suggestions, some aren't too party esc but each varies from another. If you really want some more tracks like any of the ones above hit me up with a message or something.

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