How to ask her out in a straight forward manner?

theres this girl im friends with on facebook and she sometimes likes my photos and posts and shes really pretty but shes got tons of guys flocking her but no boyfriend yet.

I recently initiated small talk with her and was wondering if I should just cut the bullshit and in an honest straightforward manner, ask her out. Say something along the lines; "your a really pretty girl and to spare your time from me beating around the bush to get an answer, Id like to know if youd wanna hang out sometime. "

Anything I can add to that?

thanks! :D

Answer on How to ask her out in a straight forward manner?

Cut out the 'beating around the bush' part (because it gives the impression that you have been and in fact are beating around the bush and so you are not confident). Cut out the 'spare your time' part because it makes you sound like you're not worthy. Say something along the lines of 'hey, look, I know that we're both really quite good looking and all but surely we must have something else in common? Waddaya say we *insert unique idea for a date along with a time here* and find out??*'.

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