Difference between a Virgo girl and Taurus girl?

I'm actually obsessed with this guy i like's ex girlfriend.. she's a Taurus.. I dunno if it has anything to do with starsigns.. but i'll still say it anyway >.> At first i hated her, and i still do, but now i admire her and wish i could be like her. At first i thought this girl was really needy, bitchy, straight-up, speaks her mind, mean.. and was very anger and has a short temper. But she's outgoing and has lots of friends and is confident. She's not afraid to be herself and say what she wants. It's all traits i wish i could have. I'm more held back on saying what i want, cos im more accepting of what is. I don't speak my mind nor am i straight up cos i consider how others feel or what they'd think of me. I'm not confident, i'm shy and nervous and don't even start convos with people. Nor even write statuses on my facebook like how i feel or thinking (like she does.. all the time) cos i feel like im seeking attention and im like 'should i really write something so personal?' and dont want people to know so much and judge me and i feel embarrassed/shy/exposed... even though i really wanna write it just cos i can. Me and her also look alike.. but she's more strong featured and confident in her pics.. she's not afraid to look bad and doesn't care, she still has confidence in who she is. It makes her sooo attractive, i might even be turning lesbian for her lol. I can't explain her personality cos you'd have to see what i see. She's also really funny in the things she says and so cute.. and i can see why the guy i like fell for her =( and i just feel like piece of poo compared to her. I'm the shyer quieter version of her.. and lacking in personality. Whereas when you talk to her, you straight away know what her personality is like. I feel inferior to her. I dunno.. im just so jealous of her, when i see her fotos it's like i love her and admire her.. but im sooo angry that she and that guy were together and they were together for sooo long.

Answer on Difference between a Virgo girl and Taurus girl?

Step away from de book de face and don't judge yourself

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