Why are Europeans so good looking?

I just got back from Italy, it was tourist season so there were lots of European people there, not just Italians. Everyone (especially the women) looked so good! They werent just thin, but their hair and skin, looked great, plus it seemed like not only were the women thin, but they had big boobs or at least some great looking cleavage to match...I could tell they were real too. Of course i'm going to say, what are we americans doing wrong? I would see women over there eating croissants and pasta, i didnt see ANY gyms so what gives? I cant imagine that just walking around places could make everyone look like a supermodel. Oh yeah and they were still gorgeous without wearing makeup!

Answer on Why are Europeans so good looking?

believe me...you american guys aren't doing that great either. I don't know what's wrong with our country...I think it may be McDonalds.

also, you probably haven't been to NY in a while if you feel that way...

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