:( feeling fat. I completely binged. Please help me..this is awful. :(?

Ok so my diet is this:

i'm fasting every other day pretty much. My plan was to eat around 600-800 calories on the days i eat, and fast every other day. So it was like eat one day, fast the next, eat the next day, and fast again...and so on. i KNOW that this is dangerous. but i was only gonna do it until i reached my goal weight. and i trust me, i know this will make me lose weight. But today when i ate, i BINGED like crazy. :( :( I don't want to keep on binging. How much will this binge affect my weight loss goal? will i be very behind? Ahhhh what should i do? I told myself not to binge. :'(

Do you have any tips on how to keep from binging??

thank you so much<3 all answers are greatly appreciated.

Answer on :( feeling fat. I completely binged. Please help me..this is awful. :(?

well since youve been fasting and eating only 600-800 calories on the day that you actually eat, your body is hungry and your brain will let you know when you are starving. so whats gonna happen is your gonna over eat. that why its good to eat at least 3-5 meals a day sparingly so you can keep hunger off your mind.

Maybe you should try low calorie foods that fill you up. I just went out and bought a bunch of berries (strawberries, blue berries and raspberries.) they filled me up good.

This is whats working for me in order to stop binging, I write down everything i eat and the times. I eat breakfast at 9 am then at 12 i eat lunch 2 rolls around and i eat a healthy snack bar and special k water. then dinner at 6. so i eat 4 times a day. I get up in the morning and do at least 20-30 minutes of cardio, in the afternoon after snack time i go on a 2 mile walk sometimes longer. and at night before i go to bed i do crunches, pushups, strength exercises in order for my body to look good after i lose weight. only water and no fast food at all!! ( im losing weight fast by doing this by the way, because im kind of heavy i lost 12 pounds in 2 and a half weeks) workin on slowing that down because that is sooo not healthy!

also you should be doing exersices while dieting or else when you lose weight your gonna have a lot of skin! oh yeah and i hear diets are bad, they should be lifestyle changes eat good and healthy forever

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