Was the Weight Loss Drug Meridia used off label for any conditions such as ADD or Depression?

I am researching drugs prescribed for Depression and ADD for my boyfriend. Back story is he is a chemically addicted individual and I believe a misdiagnosed ADD and a self admitted Depressed person. He was prescribed MERIDIA in Rehab in 2005. I believe it is off the market but he responded very well to it. I would like to know if Meridia has ever been used to treat ADD namely, but depression as well. If not sure, please give me some drugs that are used for the treatment of Depression/ADD that are less addictive. Points go out immediatly for best answer.

Answer on Was the Weight Loss Drug Meridia used off label for any conditions such as ADD or Depression?

Meridia works by reducing the user's desire to eat by psychological generating feeling of a full stomach. A decreased appetite reduces food intake and controls weight. Meridia is generally prescribed for users with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30kg/m2 or more as well as for those with BMI >= 27 kg/m2 if the user has chances of cardiovascular problems.

Sibutramine prevents re-absorption of serotonin and norepinephrine. There is also a possibility that Sibutramine increases metabolism, body heat generation and energy spending by triggering the sympathetic nervous system through ?3-adrenergic receptors. This also assists in weight reduction. Generally a 6-month therapy may help user shed 5-8% of weight at the point when the user first started using Meridia.

Meridia Dosage

Meridia is an oral medication advised to be taken on full or empty stomach. It is generally prescribed as an accessory to diet plans and exercise regimens. Meridia is provided in capsule form and should be taken at a fixed time everyday. Users should strictly follow instructions provided on the label and discuss with Physician before starting Meridia use.

Meridia is generally introduced gradually. Physicians will initially give low dosage for a month and alter the dosage in case of side effects. Users should maintain a log of the period in which Meridia is being used to observe the weight change. On average a user should lose 4 pounds (1.8 kg) in a month of therapy or else the Physician may decide to modify dosage changes.

Meridia can be addictive and hence should not be prolonged beyond Physician's advice. Generally the course may run for 6 months and user stops losing weight beyond the period in spite of strictly following Physician advice. Meridian use should not be stopped without Physician advice or it may lead to weight gain. Physician can prescribe Meridia for other uses as well.

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