Help? How To Write A Song?

Okay so I'm stuck I'm trying to write a song but can't I don't know how to or what I should base it on, or what I should write as lyrics someone anyone just help me out please. If you could help me out then Thank you Jazmine x

Answer on Help? How To Write A Song?


I always have trouble writing songs, I don't know if you saw the Glee when Rachel was writing stupid songs about her headband and then realized she needed to do something that has real meaning. Haha that episode helped me so much. When writing music always do it from the heart or from past experiences! Those will always be the best ones!

Past breakups, family problems, or if your looking for a happy thing, think of the things that make you happy, say tv, ice cream, and basketball makes you happy. don't sing about those in particular, just sing about the act of being happy!

good luck! you can totally contact me if you need any help! xx :)

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