My dads so immature :((((((((((((((((?

ok well my dad is mature when it comes to work and communication with most people. except for me? im his 16 year old daughter btw.. it seems that the older i get the more weird and awkward he acts around me. he cant help it. he just acts.. not himself like he forgets the normal him sometimes. he doesnt know HOW to act around me.. maybe its bcause im growing up and he doesnt know how to cope. he does act immature when he doesnt know how to deal with something.. for example: when i was younger i used to cut.. he saw the scars on my wrist and acted just weird around me for a few days. he asked me ab it when he first saw them but that was it. he didnt tell my mom or anything. and i think its cuz he thought it was a phase and i just wanted to try it. im sorry im rambling. i just dont know how to explain how weird he acts. and sometimes i can tell hes stressed and depressed. once i confronted him and he completely denied it but i could tell he was lying.. anyways. what do i do. i HATE being around him,. sometimes he talks to me in a tone that dads would talk to their 10 yr old daughte r..

advice?? and has anyone else been through this??

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Its hard to be a 16 yr old. It sounds like he really bothers you but until you are a parent you cannot know how difficult it is. He was probably so worried when you were cutting. He has to worry about having enough money to pay for you and so so many other things to maintain a household. You say you confronted him about being stressed. Well first of all a child should show respect and not confront a parent. Secondly, of course he lied to you because he didnt want you to worry. Try to give him a break. I suggest you ask him for fathers day if just you two could do something fun together. I bet you will see a different side of him and not be so judgmental. Best wishes

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