Need a few Doctors who are willing to give some advice and professional opinions via. e-mail?

All I know about what illness I May have is the details of it getting worse over the past year, year and a half. As I don't really know anything I'm looking for a doctor of any profession, mental, physical, etc. I want to send the details to a few different doctors to compare opinions, but as I found out while writing my question into Yahoo itself, it's description is too long to post on this site. I think it might be better via. e-mail anyway, as a couple of personal details are revealed regarding medical conditions.

I'm looking for any doctors, who are willing to give me an e-mail to talk. I am aware doctors are busy, so I'll say now that it will be a long e-mail, written by a teenage girl of 14; me.

If there are any doctors who have had young patients with lung/heart conditions, your experience may help me, but as I said any doctor who is willing, please. I am unaware if what is wrong with me is actually related to my heart or lung, though they are my main worry among other things.

The story in a nutshell is that my health began to degrade quite rapidly, for no reason that I can figure out. Before this began I was relatively healthy, exercised quite frequently and had a diet as healthy and balanced as a vegetarian could have. The only ways that I would have be considered unhealthy was anxiety and a couple of mild mental conditions I had that where neither fatal nor dangerous to anyone. I don't believe that my mental conditions are anything to do with my current condition, because at the time I started getting ill my mental conditions where milder than they had ever been, with exception of one that that isn't technically an illness, and completely unable to affect my physical body. Other than that I was in average physical condition, alergic to nothing and not really any physical sickness problems exept several non-fatal, mostly sport related injuries, my pinkies locked when I bent them and I slouched. My internal organs where average, not perfect, but not bad. I have always had slightly underperforming lungs, that never caused a problem unless I had a real bad bug, and it wouold leave me restless. I was pretty much fine until a little over a year ago.

The description in the e-mail with start when my health began getting weird, so in this description I have given mostly before-hand information which is vaguely noted in the e-mail.

Thanks to all in advance, I appreciate your help, and lord knows I will owe you one.

From sureigns to phyciatrists, anyone with advice or an idea of what is wrong, and even non-doctors who had a similar experiance to the one in my description. I really appolagize at the length, I really tried to keep it short, but even in the discription now I have left out a few things. A year and a half is a pretty long time to detail.

Thank you.T.x

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