Fat loss, running 6 months goal!?

ok im male. 18 years old. 11 stone 5.6ft and bmi of 24.8

im doing 2 X 20 mins a day sessions of cardio(running) 5 days a week. also. i may include 1 - 2 hiit sessions in there a week.

im trying to up by calories to 1500 but struggle. i get around 1200 calories in. which is around 130g protein ( lifting weights to ) carbs is around 200g also around 2 litres of water a day. veg,lowfat yogurt. complex carbs. meats tuna

is 1200 calories to low for the cardio i do ? am i in starvation mode? its now 5.15 and i feel tired. any help will do just to settle my head! thanks

Answer on Fat loss, running 6 months goal!?

Long lasting and safe weight loss depends on 3 things.

1. Eat right. Lean protein, cut out simple carbs. Eat your fruits and veggies.

2. Get some moderate exercise regularly. You don't have to be a maniac, but work up a sweat 3 to 4 times

per week.

3. Drink water. Make this your primary drink. Drink it before lunch and dinner to reduce your appetite.

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