Where i can get nulla osta in thailand?

i thai people and i want to get nulla osta in thailand because i will sending to my boy friend to italy for marrie in italy. please some one tell me , what i must do and where i can go.

Answer on Where i can get nulla osta in thailand?

I did some searching last night and could not come up with where a Thai would get a nulla osta (Certificate of No Impediment) which most foreigners would get from their embassy. I would try three places and ask.

1. Your local district office.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3. An Immigration Lawyer

I did find that after you has the nulla osta you need to bring it to the

Legalization Division , 3rd floor

Department of Consular Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

123 Chaeng Watthana Road

Bangkok 10210

Tel : 0-2575-1056-59 Fax : 0-2575-1054

to be notary. This could take a couple of days unless you pay a fee for express service. Then you need to have it translated into Italian and then take it to the Italian Embassy to be verified.

Hope this helps you.

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