What would be a good title for this book?

So I have this new idea for a story. In short its about a girl who goes to visit her friends in Italy and she meets some nice new friends there. Though one of them turns out to be not so nice and slips her some roofies later, another is the perfect bad boy with a sensitive side, and the last turns out to be a ghost who died in one of the "Holy Wars" crusades. She has to help find the only living decedent of the ghost because he holds the key to stopping the next crusade. I wont give the rest away but I do need some help.

I have no idea what to name this series! ((I was thinking 2 or 3 books at least))

I had one that I've been sort of sticking with just for the sake of having a temporary title

"Eternity" (because of the ghost who is forced into this half life half death state forever)

But I need something more intriguing. Any ideas?

Answer on What would be a good title for this book?

Most authors will write a big part of their book before they decide what to name it. And a lot of times the name will come from something a character mentions briefly, or it may be from some overarching plot point. In either case, if you title it now, you will, in a sense, be locking yourself to one idea and may not be as flexible or open to change if a new and possibly better idea should strike you.

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