What is the best way to backpack around western europe?

id like to go travel for a couple of weeks (or long my money will suffice)and see more of the continent.im thinking of starting in paris and seeing what happens after that,id like to go to rome/venice or florence,id like to go to barcelona and id like to go visit my german mates in cologne.other areas i wouldnt mind visiting include amsterdam,prague or berlin although those are more optional, paris, italy and barca are definitely the ones i want to see.

im thinking of staying in hostels to meet new people and i may take a tent incase we end up in remote areas late at night.i have a few questions about backpacking in europe-

-how much would it cost to go to paris, italy and barca on a budget?(im not fussed about staying ages,i just want to see the main attractions)

-what is the best way to get around?(train,plane,buses,hitching)

-who should i contact if i run into any trouble?

ps-im from leeds,uk so ill be skipping london as iv been several times before and wont have to worry about visas as im an EU citizen

Answer on What is the best way to backpack around western europe?

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