Rate my Gladiator Beast deck plz?

it is Gladiator Beast deck (55 deck card + 9 fusion)

my win lost draw status after i create the deck to today

lost: 7

win: 34

draw: 2

Monster :(22 cards)

gladiator beast andal x2

gladiator beast bestiari x3

gladiator beast darius x3

gladiator beastlaquari x3

gladiator beast hoplomus x1

gladiator beast octavius x1

gladiator beast secutor x1

gladiator beast spartacus x1

jinzo x1

marshmallon x1

morphing jar x1

test ape x2

test tiger x1

cyber dragon x1

EX Fusion :(9 cards)

gladiator beast gyzarus x3

gladiator beast gaiodiz x3

gladiator beast heraklinos x3

Magic Cards :(25 cards)

gladiator beast's battle archfiend shield x1

gladiator beast's battle manica x1

gladiator proving ground x3

raigeki x2

harpie's feather duster x2

monster reborn x2

pot of greed x2

swords of revealing light x1

stray lambs x1

premature burial x1

magical mallet x1

graceful charity x1

giant trunade x1

double summon x2

differnt dimension capsula x1

axe of despair x1

black pendant x1

change of heart x1

Trap Cards :(8 cards)

magic cylinder x2

trap hole x2

mirror force x2

sakuretus armor x2

plz rate my deck

i make that deck from yu gi oh REAL cards not in some computer .

Answer on Rate my Gladiator Beast deck plz?

Graceful Charity = BANNED

Premature Burial = BANNED

Raigeki = BANNED

Harpie's Feather Duster = BANNED

Pot of Greed = BANNED

Change of Heart = BANNED

Gladiator Beast Bestiari = LIMITED to 1 per deck

Monster Reborn = LIMITED to 1 per deck

Mirror Force = LIMITED to 1 per deck


Not all gladiator beasts are created equally, not only that but you aren't even coming close to following even the traditional format rules. You need to follow the RULES, period. And last but not least, you've got too many cards. Keep it at 40.

Definitely 0/10 - With banned cards

3/10 - Without them

Monsters: 19

2 GB Laquari

2 GB Darius

2 GB Equeste

3 GB Samnite

1 GB Bestiari

1 GB Retiari

1 Sangan

1 GB Murmillo

1 GB Hoplomus

3 Test Tiger

2 Rescue Cat

Spells: 8

2 Gladiator Proving Ground

2 Cold Wave

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn

2 Book of Moon

Traps: 13

3 Solemn Judgment

3 Gladiator Beast War Chariot

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

2 Waboku

1 Mirror Wall

1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential Tribute

Total: 41 cards

Extra Deck: 15

2 GB Heraklinos

1 Red Dragon Archfiend

1 Goyo Guardian

1 Thought Ruler Archfiend

1 Dark Strike Fighter

1 Iron Chain Dragon

1 Stardust Dragon

1 Black Rose Dragon

3 GB Gyzarus

1 Magical Android

1 Armory Arm

1 Chimeratech Fortres Dragon

This is very similar to my decklist, and is highly effective and consistent.

Email me if you need help and I'll see what I can do. Best of luck in your duels.

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